Sino, Alin Sa dalawa sophia laurel rey abellana movie

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Watch this sexy tagalog movie Sino, Alin sa Dalawa

Magda has not really known her mother because she has never lived with her. When her grandmother dies the opportunity for Magda and Aling Meding her mother to be reunited comes. Unfortunately their relationship soon turns sour when her stepfather attempts to rape her. But the stepfather makes it appear that Magda tempted him. Aling Meding chooses to believe her husband’s words and Magda is left with no choice but to leave. As she wanders Magda is hit by a car and temporarily loses her memory. Luckily for her Sandy the man who ran into her is a kind soul and takes Magda under his wing. He soon falls in love with her. But just as Magda’s life flourishes and she begins to regain her memory the people from her past resurface.

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