Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions :

1. Where is the video?
ans. The video is hidden. You have to click a box to open the video player. Some post will have 2 or more boxes so choose from any of those boxes. If one box doesn’t work try again with other box and so on.

2. I don’t understand, where are the boxes?
ans. To better help you, please refer to our snapshots of our website to guide you better. youtube link

4.  I have tried and I still don’t see the video player?

ans: try to visit this link click here and if you don’t see that site you have some sort of blocker that block that site.

5.  The site works but I just see blank screen.

ans. Please try to refresh the page or wait few more seconds before the arrow will appear.

6. I have tried everything and I am desperate…

ans.  Please try to email us and maybe the video is not really there and we will try to get back to you on your working email address.  Here’s our email address info(at)tagalog-movie(dot)com.  @=at .=dot

7. The video stopped after reaching the end part.  What should I do?

ans. Relax either the server is slow so please try to click the forward button just like this  >| to go to next part.

8.  Are all the movies here are full movie?

ans.  We are trying our best to provide you the full movie but some movies or part of the movies will be taken down without our notice,  So we ask you to please notify us so we can give  you an alternative links.


again we are just an email away so please email us at info(at)tagalog-movie(dot)com and we will answer you on your working email address.