How To Watch Movies on

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How to watch Tagalog movies Here

To view the tutorial in video click this link
Youtube Link

Step 1

: Visit this link

Image 1.

Note : If you were able to see the site just like Image 1. Proceed to Next Step.
If you can’t see anything even refreshing the page, you will have a hard time viewing our movies.

Step 2

Pick the movie you are interested to watch from our tagalog movie collections.


Step 3

Scroll Down the Page to LINKS Section

Step 4

Pick any box to open the video Player. NOte: Some box doesn’t work so please close the window and try next box until video player will appear. Again, If you can’t see cold-link site from step 1 you will not able to find our video player.

Step 5

Lets Say 1st box works, a video player will appear just like this, some of them will play automatically and some of them need to be clicked to start.

Step 6

Enjoy the movie and don’t forget to comment to say thank you and help me spread the word by sharing this on facebook